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CPI – Service in a class of its own

At CPI, we work together with the elite of the European Automotive OES as well as with the Aftermarket Divisions of major OE Spare Parts Makers. We remanufacture and supply OE-quality remanufactured automotive parts to the industry's most demanding and detail-oriented customers operating in the market under their own private label brand. This has made us experts in the delivery of uncompromising, custom-made reman solutions - with service in a class of its own from start to finish.

There is no "them and us" in the way we do business with our customers. At CPI, we are farmers more than hunters. We think and develop together with our partner effective and sustainable remanufacturing solutions. To achieve this, CPI employs skilled people which are customer orientated and with a large background in the automotive OEM, OES and IAM business.

Our strength lies in our reverse engineering capabilities to define proper specification requirements, process adjustments and validation procedures. 

The product portfolio of CPI is in continuous development. Today, it includes Starters & Alternators, Steering systems, Brake Calipers, AC Compressors and EGR Valves.

Our Research & Development Department centres work closely with mechatronics and   hybrid technology to ensure that we stay at the forefront of remanufacturing industry. For our customers, this means a highly flexible supplier who can quickly adapt their portfolio to meet current customer expectations and needs, as well as a supplier pro-active towards the future technical challenges of the automotive remanufacturing.

At CPI we strive for continuous improvement. We know that the quality, the profitability and the availability of the eco-friendly solutions we offer are key to our customers.

This is what makes us CPI.

Interested to know more about us? Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss deeper how we can support your organisation in providing the best automotive remanufacturing experience.

Our Products


With more than 2300 starter products, and a car park coverage on 98 %, we are able to cover not only passenger cars and vehicles of all brands, but also marine, construction and agricultural applications.


The range of remanufactured alternators covers several markets - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to agricultural, marine, and construction vehicles. With a range of more than 3300 items, and a car park coverage on 98 %, we are capable of complying with almost any request from Europe’s specialist market.


Brake Calipers
Brake calipers are remanufactured by CPI to the same high quality standards as applied to rotating electrics. With a car park coverage on 97 %, all the most popular passenger cars and small vans are covered in the programme, which contains more than 3600 item numbers.


EGR Valves
We offer more than 300 EGR valves, which cover more than 93 percent of the vehicles running on the European roads. Our remanufactured EGR valves have proven to be a reliable product with a high quality and long life span.


Electronic Steering Columns
Electronic Steering Columns are the latest form of electric assisted steering. We offer more than 70 items that are all thoroughly checked and tested to ensure a high quality.


Steering Pumps
With more than 700 items, our programme of power steering pumps offers a comprehensive coverage in Europe of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.



Steering Racks
With more than 1300 steering rack part numbers, we are offering an extensive range which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all makes.


A/C Compressors
Our range of A/C compressors is a highly developed program. We offer a range of more than 1100 items, which means that we have the widest range of compressors in the European market, covering more than 95 % of the cars in Europe.

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