We put a virtue into developing efficient remanufacturing processes

Research & Development

Our reverse engineering R&D centers are located in each production facility to ensure the development of solutions adapted to production constraints. We put a virtue into developing efficient remanufacturing processes, such as custom made components testing equipment, development of components repairing methods, electronic discharge protected area set up, use of 3D printing for critical plastic parts and communication bus decoding (Flexray, CAN, LIN), that will ensure the optimal quality of our products.

We are flexible in the development and specification of processes as well as check points in cooperation with our customers. We have dedicated laboratories in our factories used by our R&D engineers for their activities.

Our R&D employees have strong mechanical and mechatronic engineering competences. They work in a structured organisation to develop new references for our existing product portfolio, new reman processes and new tools. They are therefore a highly valuable support for close cooperation with our customers.

New Business Development

The "Product learning and Technology sharing" activity is based in CPI Belgium. A dedicated team is in charge of ensuring product and technical knowledge across the whole organisation. A focus is put on product range extension opportunities and providing support for the analysis of potential interest raised by you, our customer, on remanufactured products outside our existing range.

To ensure cutting edge contents sharing and extensive opportunities analysis, the team is continuously striving to collect inputs to monitor the main technological trends with particular focus on the development of the automotive industry and the vehicle components evolution.

As one of the key lever in this purpose, a wide network of partners within the academic domain has been established during the years and currently represents a valuable source of information. Specific and unique activities like the Reman Challenge are set up to maintain a dynamic level of interaction; Students are invited to come with ideas for how to frame the future within automotive remanufacturing within this first academic competition.

In addition to relationship with universities, CPI Belgium team is also working on alternative ways to boost our overall R&D capabilities by having a broad availability of opportunities and competences. The Borg Mechatronic Forum, established in 2018, is one of the main achievement of those efforts.

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